Which possession proceedings?


Do you have a common law tenancy?

This will generally be if:

  • The rent is over £100,000 pa or under £250 pa (£1,000 in Greater London)
  • You live in self-contained accommodation in the same building and that building is not a purpose built block of flats, or
  • The tenant is a limited company rather than an individual person

However, there are other common law situations.  If you have followed the  tenancy trail and read our (members only)  article, but are not sure whether you have a common law tenancy or not, you should use our   telephone advice service.

Otherwise, click Yes if you have a common law tenancy or No if you do not.

If you are renting to a company or to an individual who then sublets the property out to someone else –  you need to take legal advice before going any further.  Members should take a look at the  video here.