Preparing for live streaming events

January 6, 2022

Setting up

You may have seen that we are looking to do a workshop in March where people can both attend in person and remotely via live stream.

Yesterday we had a test run of the system.

Now there are two elements to live streaming:

  • The input (film, audio and the PowerPoint), and
  • Where it comes out (the output)

So let’s take a look at these.

The input

This was under the control of our IT man Paddy Hall, who came along with an impressive array of equipment.  This included a very tough looking laptop, another computer and screen where you can control what images appear at the other end, a small sound desk and (inevitably) a morass of cables.

Then there was Patrick’s camera and tripod and Paddy’s camera and tripod so we can have two views of the room – a close up on the speaker and a ‘wide-shot’ showing the whole room.

The cameras are plugged into the system so Paddy can control which view is seen by the remote delegates, and the speaker has a wireless mike for the sound.

The PowerPoint is also in the system so remote viewers can be shown it from time to time, probably just when the slides change.  The Trainer can control the slides from the laptop on their desk.  This will change the slides for the system which goes down the live stream and also for the screen in the room for in-person delegates.

The output

So what about the other end?  How do delegates viewing via the live stream actually watch it?

Well, it turns out that there are a number of ways that this can be done.  The easiest for the moment is to use our normal webinar software.  The has an option to display the live stream (once it has been connected – by a method I did not entirely follow, although it worked) so that people logging into the webinar will have the normal webinar experience.

Save that they will see, not just a PowerPoint screen or a fuzzy image of the Trainer from their computer webcams, but a really nice picture from one of the two cameras set up in the room.

Making it a much nicer experience for remote viewers.  You will be able to see the speaker properly, mostly in close up but sometimes in wide-shot (which will help you feel more part of the event), plus there will be all the other webinar features for you to use such as the chat boxes where you can ask questions, along with handouts and polls.

The other option which we are considering is to use a video hosting service called Vimeo which also does live stream.  However what with the Christmas and New Year bank holidays and everything we had not really researched this properly so for the moment we will be using the webinar system.

How it will work on the day

We had set a limit for 10 in-person delegates which works really well in the room we are using. There will be five quite big tables to take two delegates each (to allow for social distancing), plus the sixth table at the back will be for Paddy and his equipment.

So if you look at the pictures above (which were rather hastily taken by me on my phone – which is why they are a bit rubbish) the first picture shows the view of the speaker from behind the main camera.  Plus a big light on the left (it’s that black thing on a stand) which I am hoping will not give me too much of a headache.

The second picture shows the back of the room with Patrick messing with his camera, another one of the IT guys and Paddy crouched behind his computer screen.

The final picture shows the speakers desk and the screen where in-person delegates will see the slides.  Hopefully, the venue will have got rid of the Christmas trees by 3 March so we can move it over a bit.

And finally

So there you are.  We now know what we are doing, so whether you attend in person or via Livestream, we hope you will enjoy the day and (if you are viewing via live stream) feel included.

It was also really nice to see Paddy again as the last time we saw him was at the sound desk at our 2019 Landlord Law Conference!

Our first live-streamed workshop will be with me and will be my workshop on Ending Tenancies.  Which has been quite popular in the past (I last did it in March 2018 – so almost exactly four years ago).  

However, we are now planning further workshops later in the year.  If you want to be kept informed you can sign up (if you are not signed up already) to our weekly bulletin here.

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