Telephone advice from David Smith

As part of your entitlement as a buyer of our ‘Rent to Rent’ day and/or ‘Rent to Rent’ tenancy agreement, you have an opportunity to book a one-hour advice call with David Smith of JMW Solicitors for him to advise on any ‘rent to rent’ issues you may have.

For example

  • If you are having problems setting up a rent to rent arrangement
  • If you want to discuss changes to your documentation (including any amends you are considering for the Landlord Law ‘Rent to Rent’ tenancy agreement)
  • If you are experiencing difficulties with an existing rent to rent arrangement

The service is an advice call with David Smith personally

In most cases, he will be able to speak to you within five working days after submission of your instruction form. However, there may be times when David is unavoidably unavailable – for example, if he is on holiday or in Court. In that case, you can either elect to

  • take your advice call with another solicitor or
  • wait until David is available, or
  • cancel and receive a full refund.

It will your choice.

The cost of the call is £260 (inclusive of VAT) which compares well to David’s normal hourly rate which is £330 + VAT ie £396.

The service is a quick and easy way to speak to David directly bypassing much of the routine admin which is normally necessary before you can speak to a solicitor.

However please note the following:

  • Your one hour will include reading the paperwork you send, so be careful not to send too much as it will reduce the time David can give on your advice call
  • The service does not include any drafting work, or
  • preparing documents or
  • providing any written advice or
  • written confirmation of the advice given during the call.

It is just oral advice by phone.

We suggest you make detailed notes during the call.  You will find guidance on how to get the most from your advice call in our article here. (Although note that this is written for our 1/2 hour advice service whereas you will get 1 hour of David’s time).

This advice service will be subject to our normal terms and conditions for our telephone advice services.

If you want David to do any work with you after the call, this will be subject to JMW’s normal fee structure and will be a direct arrangement between yourself and JMW Solicitors without any involvement from Landlord Law Services.

Find out more from David:

Client feedback:

Just had my consultation with David Smith.  It went very well and I believe that it was great value – we got a lot in on a 53-minute conversation.

We started discussing the appropriate response to a very troublesome tenant and a local authority investigation based on his complaints to them – all unjustified of course! Not only did David very much put my mind at rest but he had some highly practical advice on how to deal with it.

We then went on to discuss my other property interest – setting up an R2R HMO management capability, investing in commercial/retail conversions and a particular backyard development that I am trying to get off the ground. Not only did I get a head’s up on the most likely legal-related risks but he also had a good grasp of the commercial issues involved – he even suggested a potential area of operation.

Matt Stainer


The session was very informative and has given me a lot to think about. The advice was clear and actionable.

M Hothi