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What is selective licensing?

Tenancy Deposit Calculator

What occupation types does the Tenant Fees Act apply to?

How does the Tenant Fees Act affect Company Lets?

What are prohibited payments and what are the penalties?

What payments and fees am I entitled to charge my tenant?

How much money can I take as a deposit from tenants?

What does ‘fit for human habitation’ actually mean? (England)

Landlords Obligations for Fitness for Human Habitation

What procedures should you follow when a tenant makes a complaint?

Right to Rent Check Checklists

How long do the possession notices last before the Landlord needs to serve another one? England

When can a landlord evict a tenant? England

What are the landlord’s responsibilities under the Gas Regulations?

Are landlords obliged to fit smoke and carbon monoxide alarms?

Guidance on Right to Rent Checks

Do adult children need to be named on the tenancy agreement? England

Right to Rent – When should we do the checks?

Right to Rent – What do we do about signing the tenancy agreement for someone who is abroad and cannot do the checks?

Right to Rent – What about tenancies which pre date the right to rent rules coming into force?

Right to Rent – I am renting to a limited company. Who is responsible for the checks?

Right to Rent – How can we deal with overseas students who book a long time in advance?

Right to Rent – can we make the checks stricter?

Do I need to get a license for my HMO?

What is the How to Rent Booklet and when do I need to serve it?

Do I have to tell anyone or get permission before I let my property? England