A new way to help tenants in arrears of rent avoid eviction proceedings

July 5, 2021

The landlord press is full of stories of the thousands of tenants in arrears, the alleged ‘tsunami’ of eviction cases going through the courts and the problems that this will create.

Maybe YOUR tenants are in arrears of rent?  Or maybe they will be in difficulties as we come out of lockdown and the furlough scheme comes to an end?

But did you know that eviction is not the only way?

A kinder solution

The best way to deal with rent arrears is to help your tenants pay their rent.  Rather than going to court and evicting them.

Advantages are:

  • It is a lot quicker than court action
  • You may be able to recover all the arrears
  • Your tenant may be able to afford the rent going forward
  • You will avoid the cost, stress and hassle of court proceedings, and
  • Voids and looking for a new tenant once they have been evicted, and
  • You will have a grateful tenant!  Never a bad thing.

So what is this new way?

Basically, it is helping tenants to:

  • Check their benefit
  • Apply for Local Authority grants and funding, and
  • Apply for other grant aid

Grant aid for tenants

It is not often realised that there are thousands of charities and organisations willing to provide grant aid to assist tenants who are in difficulties with their rent.

For example:

  • If your tenants have ever worked in the armed services, they may be eligible for grant aid from SSAFA
  • If there are children, then Children in Need may be prepared to help
  • If anyone in the household has been in prison, you could try Unlock, and
  • If tenants have previously worked in hospitality, you can try Hospitality Action.

These are just a few of the many charities out there that can provide grant aid to help your tenants clear their arrears.

A new Kit

To help landlords, and in particular letting agents, deal with this issue we have developed a new Landlord Law Kit in association with Julie Ford (who specialises in this work) – The Helping Tenants in Arrears Kit.

This :

  • Provides step by step guidance on how to help tenants in this way
  • Links to relevant websites
  • Video help and guidance from Julie Ford, and
  • (For people who buy the +Plus version) Documents and letters for you to use.

The kit is available via the button below and the information/sales page includes a number of videos giving examples of the help that can be given – such as the video below:

Wistia video thumbnail

Note that Landlord Law members will get an automatic discount of 20% if they are logged in at the time of purchase. 

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more about Landlord Law membership  here.
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