Part 3 of the New Course – Tenancy Agreements

November 4, 2019

My new online training course, Managing Your Rented Property within the Law, is being released in two week stages.

If you bought it during the initial launch will be able to access part 3 today.  If you bought it later – you will get it four weeks after purchase.

So what does it contain?

Part 3 Content

The underling purpose of part 3 is to give you an understanding of tenancy agreements and their clauses.  So you know how they ‘work’ and why they are drafted in the way that they are.

So Part 3 includes the following sections:

  • The elements of a tenancy agreement – you will learn the different sections and what they contain
  • The different types of tenancy agreement – including quite a bit on licenses, which are not tenancies
  • Dealing with shared properties – you will discover all the different options
  • The ‘unfair terms’ rules – what they are and how they work
  • Problem situations – you will be looking at all the different problems situations which can be solved, or at least ameliorated, by proper tenancy agreement clauses
  • Amending tenancy agreements – what you should and should not do

You also get access to one of our tenancy agreements and the pets form.

The content should be fairly easy to read, and as with the other parts, we have audio versions where you can listen to me reading it all out for you.

Tenancy agreements are critical  

They are the document which sets out the rules under which your tenancy will operate.  So it is very important that you understand them and know how to set them up properly.  This can really help you as a landlord.

After reading (or listening to) part 3 you will understand the issues and how to deal with them to your advantage.  

Part 3 is a very important part of the course and I don’t think you will find this level of explanation anywhere else.

My new course Managing Your Rented Property within the Law looks at Tenancy Agreements in Part 3 #landlordlaw