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Legal Cases WebinarsYou will be able to watch the webinar again from the Landlord Law YouTube Channel once the recording has been processed.  

This webinar is part of our Landlord Law Legal Cases series where we feature specific legal cases of importance in the Private Rented Sector.

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Tessa Shepperson

Landlord Law

Landlord Law is an online information service for landlords, but is also used by letting agents and lawyers.

We have an extensive selection of documents (including tenancy agreements and notices), information articles and legal FAQ, and a ‘checklist’ series giving guidance on legal and other obligations at every stage of a tenancy.

Written by specialist landlord and tenant solicitor Tessa Shepperson, Landlord Law is a great guide to all in the Private Rented Sector – wherther you are a landlord, a letting agent, an adviser or a lawyer needing somewhere to go for quick legal information.

All members can also ask Tessa questions in the members forum, which are normally answered within 24 hours (and often considerably quicker).

Find out more about Landlord Law here or in the pages linked below: